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Stories That Heal: Argon the Great Dragon

This story is about power, control and losing ourselves to other people's needs. It is about fear and loss of freedom- living a life we never wished for ourselves yet not knowing how to get out. The story also suggests a solution how to heal from hurt, anger, and resentment. The healing comes through deep understanding, forgiveness and realizing the oneness of the universe. 

Read the story carefully and slowly. Read it even a few times. Notice, acknowledge and reflect on all the feelings and sensations that arise within you as you read it. Let them just be, give them space and allow them to manifest. Be loving, kind and compassionate towards them. 

And now you are healing... 

Adventures of Anemos
Argon The Great Dragon

One day Thetatron, a beautiful black panther with fur shining like the night sky in the moonlight and green eyes flashing with wisdom, came to Anemos leading her to a place she has never been. Thetatron is an ancient being whose task is to serve and guide Anemos.

Anemos was surprised by the worry she could sense in Thetaron who is usually quite calm and carefree. The urgency of the matter was palpable in the air. Thetatron guided Anemos to an enchanted and absolutely beautiful land. This place seemed like paradise; there were big beautiful trees, lush vegetation and blooming flowers of all kinds, the fragrance of which made one giddy with the wonder of the universe. One could see colorful butterflies gently landing from one delicate flower petal to another and bees being busy buzzing around providing for their big families. The air was filled with the sounds of myriad of birds singing their ancient songs and the colors of the hummingbirds were so bright that one had to squint one’s eyes to get a glimpse. Anemos looked closer to the under vegetation and saw snails and worms hard at work aerating the ground or just enjoying the dewy shadows of the leaves. The azur-like sky was clear and sun was perfectly warm on the skin. There even was a shimmer of a rainbow in the atmosphere that was the most beautiful rainbow Anemos had ever seen. Anemos smiled, opened her harms to the wind and let her hair be caressed by it as she was so happy having found such a place, but Thetatron’s grim face and worry quieted her, and brought a sharp squeeze to her heart.

Thetatron said “All is not as it seems my dear girl. This is an enchanted place where evil has taken hold for a long time and they all cry for liberation”. Anemos was confused as this place was far from anything she knew how evil looked like. Thetatron asked Anemos to look a little closer at the plants and the animals. So, she knelt down to closely observe the bees and the butterflies, so close that she could see their eyes and their faces and what she saw was heartbreaking to her. In the eyes of every creature was terror and fear. Their little bodies were tense and exhausted from all the flying, and the working and the digging and the singing and the carrying they did all day long.  With horror Anemos realized that all the plants and creatures in this world were slaves! Day after day, they repeated the same songs, were forced to fly the same routes, and to work as hard as they could to make everything seem so pretty and perfect without their spirits and souls being able to express their own unique and special ways- their own freedom. Soon Anemos observed that the butterfly repeatedly flew the same pattern and that the bees relentlessly visited the same flowers, and the flowers sighed in exhaustion, but were too afraid to wilt or just die. There was not a single animal, flower, tree, piece of grass or even a seed that was free.

Tears were welling in her eyes as the full reality of the terrible condition of this seemingly paradisiacal place came to a realization. Deep sorrow and sadness filled her entire being as she sensed the desperation and hopelessness of every living thing in this world. Since Anemos was born of the Wind she is part of everything and everything is part of her. That is why the pain of others is also her suffering. Her legs not being able to hold her any longer she collapsed sobbing to the ground and letting the grief take over. See, Anemos loves everything that is free and it is a great day of distress for her when she encounters any living being that is oppressed, imprisoned or abused in any way. Her calling is to fight for freedom- to fight with her all little might and power for those who are still in bondage. Young as she may seem, she has the wisdom to know that anyone or anything that lives in freedom, lives with their true spirit and thus are ever closer to returning the trapped light inside them home where it belongs. This is the ONLY purpose of life as we know it.

The faithful Thetatron let her cry as long as she needed. He sat close to her providing comfort and care. After a while Anemos dried her eyes and collected herself. Turning to Thetarton she asked what had happened to this place. She was determined to find out and fight to liberate every little thing to the minute grain of sand. The knowing Thetatron explained that for a long time now an angry and fierce dragon, Argon, has been ruling this world with his twisted powers. He wanted to make a perfectly happy and pretty world for himself where he controls everything and everyone so that things are exactly the way he wants. He rules with fire and threats. He has terrorized everyone to the point that no-one has even attempted to escape for many many memories. Only the legendary stories of the brave ones who once tried remain. Freedom has become a fantasy, something not attainable and something that no-one believes in anymore or even worse have completely forgotten about.

Hearing this Anemos immediately demanded to see the dragon and was determined to fight at all cost. Thetatron knowing that Anemos, though wise and knowledgeable, was also a foolish little girl who acted out of impulses of her heart. He explained to her how huge and dangerous Argon was and that wouldn’t it be wiser to get some help or come up with some strategy to deal with the issue. Anemos replied “These creatures have suffered enough! Every minute of more pain they have to experience, pierces my heart and I will not have it that way a minute longer for them or for me. I know no fear, and I am ready to fight and permanently expel this dragon out of this world!” Thetatron had no choice but to start leading Anemos to the dragon’s lair.

All this commotion and discussion had everyone in frenzy, confusion, fear and hope all at the same time. A distant memory awoke in them of something beautiful that once existed. Something that they once knew but had forgotten. It wasn’t a clear memory or an image of a place but a feeling that somehow stirred in their heart and core. A feeling of freedom and joy…

For the first time since the dragon took hold of this place, all plants and creatures stopped their assigned duties and started following Anemos to the lair. They did not know exactly why they followed her or what they could even do to fight the dragon, but they did know that in their hearts now beat a glimmer of hope for a different life. Anemos seeing that everyone is following her begun singing the most beautiful songs she knew telling about freedom, paradise, the origin of everything and the secret light that was trapped within everything that existed. The serene melodies were carried by the wind over the mountains and plains through all the land, and everyone stopped what they were doing and just listened in awe.

Soon enough the sweet tunes also reached the lair of Argon and he also saw the sudden disruption in his order of things. Peeking his enormous head through the opening of the lair he sniffed the air, perceived the music and saw that no-one was following his orders anymore. At this he instantly became so angry he spat out fire, black sulfuric smoke came out of his ears and he roared so loud that the whole earth shook. All the little creatures froze and cowered with fear. Anemos, continued singing and approached the lair with courage and belief. By now Argon was huffing and buffing and getting angrier by the second, but when he saw his enemy, he begun laughing so hard the ground shook again. “You little girl! What do you think you are doing here snooping around and messing with my beautiful perfectly ordered world? You are no match for me and I will cremate you in an instant, but out of curiosity I do let you live to tell me what insanity brings you here to disturb the mighty Argon?”

Anemos looked at the giant dragon whose lair sparkled with gold, silver and diamonds. It was decked and decorated with all sorts of colorful fancy gems and crystals. The fierce Argon himself wore the mostly brilliantly colored jewelry around his rough scaly neck. Since Anemos is part of everything and everything is part of her, she sensed a secret pain around the dragon’s heart that he had long forgotten. Thus Anemos spoke softly “Oh, mighty Argon, the greatest and fiercest of all dragons, I am  here to inquire about the pain in your heart.” Staying silent for a moment, and then laughing sarcastically “Pain! What pain little girl? I am the all powerful and rich Argon and I live in the most beautiful and perfect world one could have. I have no pain around my heart- I am perfectly happy.” Anemos, perceiving the truth pressed on “ I am here to ask how you are doing and whether you ever get lonely in this place or miss home and being with your own kin? I am here to ask you about the nights you don’t sleep and just stare at the dark night sky and the stars with a longing and pain in your heart? I am here to ask if you need help with healing the pain so that you and everyone else in this world can be free.” The silence was long and the air filled with anticipation of the mighty Argon’s response.

Anemos had touched a place in old Argon’s heart that he had tried to so carefully and so diligently hide and forget. He had built this entire perfect, beautiful world around him in order to hide this secret, and now Anemos had dared to remind him of it and bring it up in front of everyone. Big salty tears begun welling up in the dragon’s green eyes as he lowered his majestic head. Deep rumbling sobs came straight from his belly as he silently cried the tears he had so vowed never to cry again. Huge puddles formed on the ground while all creatures tried to save each other from drowning in the puddles created by Argon’s tears. Anemos gently touched his foot and comforted him with love, compassion and deep understanding.

The whole world stood still and silent as all the creatures gathered around the dragon Argon and watched him in his pain. You would think that after all the slavery, living one’s life in bondage and under constant threat, one would be angry or resentful or that one would find pleasure in the suffering of the oppressors, but in their core all the little creatures in this world were pure in their hearts, and capable of deep compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love- a  beautiful gift from their creator that we all have. Argon sensing this compassion and love had the courage to open up and speak about his wound: “ I was just a little baby dragon when I came to this world. It was a dark and incredibly cold and stormy night when my mother was leading me and my brothers and sisters back home from where we were born. She had been away from home when we were born too early and unexpectedly. Alone and afraid in a desolate foreign land without her family she cared for us and tended to us until we all were old enough to fly.  She was anxious to take us all back home where we can grow in the safety and guidance of the family. I remember her telling us stories about our father, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and the beautiful Land Of Dragons where our home is. It is high up in the mountains in a secret location only known to dragons. Our land is lush with deep green pine trees surrounding the cozy and comfortable caves we live in. The air is fresh and smells of forest. Oh, how my little dragon heart longed to be home.

My mother was exhausted and afraid for us so we took flight as soon as we could. Everything had gone well until the storm hit. A swirl of wind took over me and I lost control of my flight crashing onto a tree. The last memory of my mother is her worried eyes as she saw me crash and her faint cry of my name in the wind. I broke my wing and fell onto the ground injured and nearly lifeless. I lost the track of time and my senses. When I came back to it, it was a bright sunny day. My mother and siblings were nowhere to be seen. I was alone, scared and in pain. My wing was broken and I could not fly no matter how hard I tried. I called to my mother, and cried and tried all I could to fly, but I could not. For a long, long time, I gazed up to the sky and dreamed of seeing my mother coming to get me but she never came. I was alone and abandoned. I build a wall around my heart so thick and so tall that no-one, including myself, could ever remember the pain. Looking around this strange place I now was stuck in, I recalled the stories of the beauty and perfection of my homeland, and begun to re-create it in order to ease the pain and forget its existence. But I guess in the end nothing in this world can heal the wound….”

If at that point, you would look closely into the faces and the eyes of all the creatures, you would see tears welling up in them as their little hearts felt the suffering of old Argon, and touched their own pain. The trees and flowers bowed their leaves and branches in sorrow and the sands became heavy with sadness. Anemos noticed it all and knew that the forest, and everyone living in it, including Argon were healing. Fear and hurt were replaced with the misty sweet of sadness, and the unconditional, abundant love that knows no boundaries.

When we have the courage to set ourselves free from the bondage we build for others, and ourselves, we have a chance to return to home. The path home is only revealed in freedom. Anemos whispered something to The Wind to carry. Off it went over the mountains until it finally reached certain old ears and the aching heart of a dragon matriarch, the mother of Argon. At that instant she knew her son was still alive. All her pain, sorrow and sadness melted away as she arranged her son to come home.

It was the homecoming of the century! The air was filled with songs of joy and gratitude. From here on out the forest and its creatures lived in everlasting freedom and Argon, The Great Dragon, spent the rest of his long life in the bliss of being home. All was returned back to its original order as Anemos and Thetatron walked away with light steps and hearts.
The End


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